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Synthesis Paper 5 Rubric

Learning Outcomes:

  1. present effective arguments that use a full range of legitimate rhetorical and logical strategies to articulate and explain their positions on complex issues in dialogue with other points of view;
  2. identify and critically evaluate the assumptions in and the context of an argument;
  3. distinguish and convey inductive and deductive patterns as appropriate, sequencing arguments and evidence logically to draw valid conclusions and articulate related outcomes (implications and consequences).


Points Possible

Points Earned

Introduces the topics/research question of the three sources.


Identifies a connection between all three sources and explains in detail how that connection was made.


Identifies the type of reasoning that was used to make that connection (inductive/deductive)


Explains why the used type of reasoning was chosen.


MLA format bibliography at the end:

  • Credible sources
  • Single Spaced
  • Hanging Indentation
  • Alphabetical order
  • Space between each entry


Grammar and Punctuation:

  • Spell Check!
  • proofread
  • Appropriate sentence length – a variety of lengths used.
  • Academic Language
  • Double Spaced




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