Write a 200 word block business letter from the perspective of

Professional Scenarios

Amber, Savannah, and Stephen work for Knowledge, Inc. (a consulting company). While on a conference call with Tim Rice Photography (an established client), the group discusses potential problems with a marketing campaign. Tim Rice, lead photographer and owner of Tim Rice Photography, is insistent the marketing is working and changes are not needed. 

Amber reaches over to put Tim on “Mute” but accidently pushes a different button. She immediately says to Savannah and Stephen that the marketing campaign is not working and that “…Tim should stick to taking pretty pictures.” 

Tim responds, “You know I can hear you, right?” 

Write a 200 word Block Business Letter from the perspective of company management.  It must provide bad news to the recipient and follow the guidelines outlined in Chapter 7: Delivering Bad-News Messages in BCOM7 (pages 110-128).

The message should take the block business letter form from the posted example; however, you will submit your assignment to the online course shell.


The block business letter must adhere to the following requirements:

1. Content:

1. Address the communication issue from the scenario.

2. Provide bad news from the company to the recipient.

3. Concentrate on the facts of the situation and use either the inductive or deductive approach.

4. Assume your recipient has previously requested a review of the situation via email, letter, or personal meeting with management.

2. Format:

1. Include the proper introductory elements (sender’s address, date, recipient’s address). You may create any details necessary in the introductory elements to complete the assignment.

2. Provide an appropriate and professional greeting / salutation.

3. Single space paragraphs and double space between paragraphs.

4. Limit the letter to one page in length.

3. Clarity / Mechanics:

1. Focus on clarity, writing mechanics, and professional language/style requirements.

2. Run spell/grammar check before submitting.

Your assignment must be typed, single-spaced within paragraphs/elements and double spaced between the paragraphs/elements, using Times New Roman font (size 12), with one-inch margins on all sides. Your professor may provide additional instructions.

Assignments must be submitted through the online course shell only.

The specific course learning outcomes associated with this assignment are:

1. Plan, create, and evaluate professional documents.

2. Write clearly, coherently, and persuasively using proper grammar, mechanics, and formatting appropriate to the situation.

3. Deliver professional information to various audiences using appropriate tone, style, and format.

4. Analyze professional communication examples to assist in revision.

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