Wk 6, gha 548: alternative living environments visit and interview,

In Part 1 of the Alternative Living Environments assignment (see attached), you selected a living facility in your community and presented an overview of that facility. In this part of the assignment, you will do a deeper dive into facility operations. 

Conduct an interview with an administrator from your chosen facility. You can use the following, or similar, questions for the interview: 

  • Is there a waiting list for your facility? 
  • How are new demographics affecting your facility? 
  • What marketing methods do you use to promote your facility? 
  • Who is the primary payer source—out-of-pocket or private pay, insurance coverage, Medicare, or Medicaid? 
  • Are there any personal or nursing care services available in your living environment? 
  • What is the staff or organizational structure that supports the services available in your facility? 
  • Are there any special amenities, such as a barber, beauty shop, or ice cream parlor? 
  • If there are no special services on site, is transportation provided to nearby service facilities? 
  • What recreational opportunities are available? Provide a list of opportunities. 
  • What technological issues or challenges are present at the facility? 
  • How do you anticipate health care reform will affect your facility? 
  • How will medicine and health-related services that increase the longevity of the aging population have an impact on your facility? 
  • What improvements would you, the administrator, like to make to the facility in the future? 
  • Is there any current research in the field or study of gerontology that might affect the future planning for your facility, perhaps related to demographic data, health, and well-being? 

Create a 15- to 20-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation in which you outline the major takeaways from your interview.  

Speaker notes are to be 75 – 250 words per slide.

Include a copy of your questions and responses with your presentation. These can be included in the speaker notes, or in a separate document.   

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