week 8 assignemnt

Week 8 Assignment

Application: Measurement/Improvement

Select a topic from the list below and write a brief research paper, no more than two pages (excluding cover page and references), double spaced, using APA style. Include references on the topic after finding a minimum of four (4) literature sources. Relate your topic to organizational performance measurement or improvement.

  • Organizational change
  • Surveys
  • Early warning systems
  • Identify one issue that merits attention in criminal justice
  • Operating in union environment
  • Planning and decision making
  • Strategic planning
  • Does command and control still work for law enforcement?
  • Effects of micromanagement
  • Transparency in organizations
  • Accreditation–pro and cons of the process
  • Mission/Vision/Values–identifying core values
  • Inter-organizational cooperation and collaboration in the criminal justice system
  • Marketing the organization
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