week 3 assignment show clear and detailed calculations and workings for full credit

Week 3 assignment- Show clear and detailed calculations and workings for full credit

  • The labor force of Vanilla city is 160.2 million and the number employed is 153.1. Find the unemployment rate?
  • If the working population from question 1 above is 254.6 million, find the labor-force participation rate. What is the employment-population ratio?
  • According to the table, the unemployment rate is _________ and the labor force participation rate is __________.
  • The total population of Narreme is 400 million. Of the number, 70percent is the adult population. Narreme is an active country with 80percent of the adult population in the labor force.
  • You are considering an investment in a municipal bond that has a yield of 4%. Your tax rate is 25%. What is your taxable equivalent yield?
  • Assume that you purchase a $1,000 bond issued by Wal-Mart that pays 5% interest each year. What is the annual interest amount?
  • Assume that you purchase a $1,000 bond issued by CVS that pays 6% interest each year, paid every 6 months. What is the amount of each interest payment?
  • If a bond is quoted in the newspaper at 90, what is its price?
  • Isabel is interested in buying a bond that pays $70 annually. The current price of the bond is $800. What is her current yield?

Use table below to answer question 4

Adult population

200 million

Labor force

150 million

Employed persons

138.75 million

Discouraged workers

10.5 million

  • Find the labor force participation rate (b) If the unemployment rate is 8percent, what is the number of (i) unemployed (ii) employed in this country?

5)A $1,000 bond issued by Bajah corporation pays a 6% rate of interest, which resulted in an annual amount of interest of $600. TRUE or FALSE

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