week 11 assignments 1

Assignment 1 – Discussion Forum 11

(There is a attached document for this assignment.) called – Raising and Countering Objections.docx –


Students are often very good at giving reasons and providing evidence for their arguments. However, some students struggle when it comes time to raise and counter objections. I’ve attached a handout to this week’s activity section that walks you through at least three different ways to outline your argument essay (pick and/or adapt the one you think will work best for your argument), but it also walks you through how to raise an counter objections.

For this discussion board, please do the following:

1. In your own post, briefly indicate how you will organize your essay (you could even cut and paste one of my outlines from the handout).

2. Practice raising and countering at least two objections to your thesis, using some of the tools on the handout.


Assignment 2 – Writing Journal 11


For this week’s writing journal, you’re going to be demonstrating proper use of MLA format. To do that, I would like you to simply include two quotes that you’d consider using (or ARE using) in your paper, along with your works cited page. One of these quotes should be a shorter quote (three lines or less), and one of them should be a block quote. You must also include a works cited page as part of this assignment to receive full credit.

In the past, you’ve received full credit on your Writing Journal assignments if you made a good effort; however, for this journal I’ll be determining the grade based on how closely you’ve followed the format. Use the guide I’ve posted as a help, and don’t forget the MLA section (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. of Writing Commons and other resources I’ve placed in the “Grammar Fun!” folder in the course.

Remember, that these are the same standards I will hold you to when grading your essay.


End of assignments – Thank You.

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