Using all components of microsoft office (word, excel, access, power


Using all components of Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Access, Power Point, and Internet Explorer) complete the following project: 

Use the Internet to find information about a Vacation Destination of your choice. Use the Internet to research the location that you will travel to. Find travel costs, lodging costs and expenses that you will incur to visit amusement parks, historical museums/sites and any entertainment activities you will do on your trip.


  • 2-3 page paper in MLA format.      Spelling, grammar and punctuation are key components. (10 points) 
  • Interesting information about      your vacation spot 
  • 3 or more sources from the      Internet (can also include other sources) 
  • Internet sites used for      reference must include date accessed in parenthesis 
  • Formatting changes (font      changes, bold, underline, italics, etc.) Minimum of 3 changes (5 points) 
  • Include the chart (pie, bar,      etc., not the spreadsheet) created in Excel. Don’t just place the      chart—include some information about it. (5 points) 
  • A graphic that relates to      your vacation spot (2.5 points) 
  • A works cited page to include      the references used (2.5 points)


  • Worksheet title and tab title      (5 points) 
  • Column and row titles (5      points) 
  • Formulas (5 points) (more      than 1 formula. Your formulas must be more than just a SUM function and a      simple addition/multiplication problem.) 
  • Use a style to format your      table. (5 points) 
  • Make a chart (should be the      same one that you place in your Word and PowerPoint documents) and place      it as a new sheet (5 points) 
  • Spreadsheet must include at      least 20 cells (5 points) 


  • Create a database with the      information that you have found 
  • This could include places to      visit, hotels, etc 
  • You must have at least 2      fields and 4 entries (5 points) 
  • Create at least one form (5      points) 
  • Create at least one report (5      points) 
  • Do not use the same      information that is in your Excel spreadsheet


  • Create a PowerPoint      presentation about the vacation spot that you chose 
  • A minimum of 6 slides using a      template or your own background (5 points) 
  • Include animations and      transitions (5 points) 
  • Include at least 2 graphics      (5 points) 
  • Include the chart from your      spreadsheet (5 points) 
  • Formatting including spelling      and grammar, limit text on slides (5 points)
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