tsa case study

400-600 words

Examine the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) policy development, interaction with the public, and use of technology for the protection of transportation systems against terrorist attacks. Then, discuss the following

  • Use Web resources, including government audits, think-tank reports, academic publications, current news, and social media to assess the effectiveness of the TSA’s interaction with the public.
  • Identify key issues that impact the interactions, and provide insights and recommendations based on your research and the assigned readings.
  • Focus on the efforts of the TSA to leverage technology to protect the transportation sector and minimize the impact on the users, while trying to achieve a balance between security and the expedited movement of goods and people.

You are expected to research current policies, strategies, and publications on the subject to analyze the effectiveness of TSA efforts to use technology to protect the transportation infrastructure. After completing the appropriate research, answer the following questions:

  • Is the TSA effective? Why?
  • How could the TSA improve its interaction with the public, and minimize the number of security incidents at airports?
  • How effective are the TSA technology programs in adapting to the security environment and threats?
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