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TMA01 Question

Read the following speech:

Lee Hsien Loong (2022, 25 March), “PM Lee Hsien Loong at the Opening of Dyson’s new

global headquarters at St James Power Station”.

Identify one issue from the required reading (speech by PM Lee) that is relevant to the course.

Based on that issue, state a position (i.e. your argument). Develop and substantiate your

position/argument with relevant and accurate information, reasons, and analysis.

Your submission will be assessed according to the following:

Defining the argument (40 marks)

• State your argument clearly

• Explain key terms and concepts in your argument

• Identify an issue from the assigned reading

• Discuss the link between the assigned reading’s issue and any concept / issue from the


Development of claims in support of the argument (40 marks)

• Develop your argument logically with clear reasoning and thoughtful analysis

• Provide relevant claims and detailed examples in support of the argument

• Ensure that your sources are clearly and properly cited

Writing (20 marks)

• Write a coherent, organised and well-integrated essay.

• Ensure proper grammar, spelling, sentence structure, and adherence to style guidelines.

Suggested Approach

Write this essay in the form of an opinion-editorial (op-ed). Use personal pronouns such as “I”

to convey your researched (and citable) observations and opinions. Hence, the essay has to be

organised to allow the argument to come through clearly and coherently to the reader. The

essay has to adopt basic formality, i.e. presented in whole and structured sentences.

The core components of the essay are:

Introduction. Usually one paragraph. States your claim/argument, with a brief outline of the

supporting reasons or rationale for taking the position you have chosen. *If there is a question,

make sure your stated position directly addresses the question asked. Below is a sample

introductory paragraph based on this TMA question.

Issue (yellow) + central position (green)

SCO104: Globalisation and Technology TMA01

SCO104: Globalisation and Technology Page 4 of 7

In the speech, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said: “But if we succumb to the temptation to

close our doors, we will surely end up hurting ourselves. Our economy will stagnate,

Singaporeans will have fewer rather than more job opportunities, and the country’s long-term

prospects will be endangered.” (Lee, 2022). I agree with this part of the speech to a certain

extent as there are drawbacks of not wanting to open Singapore’s economy to the rest of the

world. However, I do feel there are certain consequences of immigration that need to be taken

into consideration. A point I would like to raise is that we need to carefully manage the flow of

immigration into Singapore. Using recent reports of tensions between Singaporeans and non-

Singaporeans, I argue that a lot of work is required in order to balance the needs of the national

economy whilst maintaining societal harmony.

Body. Paragraphs developing your outlined reasons or rationale in the introductory paragraph,

with relevant and clearly substantiated examples. The PEEL principle may be useful to follow:

• Point (specific point / argument you want to make)

• Providing an Example for that point or argument

• Explaining why the example is relevant to the point / argument you are making, and

• Link it back to your overarching argument your essay is making.

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