three political short essay

don’t have to be very detail, but it need to have intro with a roadmap, 3 body and conclusion. answer all parts of the queationes. less then 500 words for each one should be fine. do not cite anything.

1) The demographic composition of the U.S. Congress does not look like the U.S. population. Give three reasons why this is the case.

2) The U.S. seems committed to voluntary voting. Since this could affect turnout, what are three methods that could be used to encourage more people to vote?

3) While many of the U.S. government’s reforms in civil rights have corrected de jure discrimination, much of the current inequality experienced by racial minorities, women, the disabled and LGBTQ groups is based on de facto discrimination. Explain what this means, using examples of how de facto discrimination affects at least two of these groups.

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