the instruction assessment connection power point

Module 2 Application

Submit at the end of Module 2.

The Instruction-Assessment Connection In this application assignment, you will develop assessments to measure phonemic awareness and create a PowerPoint or other slide presentation to share for professional development.

Course Objective

• Define the relationship between instruction and assessment.

Directions for Submission:

1) Save and print the Module 2 Application PDF.

2) Create a slide presentation for your response. You may use PowerPoint or another slide presentation tool.

3) Create a references page in APA (6th edition) format. Use APA (6th edition) format for citations.

Directions for Completion

Step 1. Access the Phonemic Awareness Chart from the assignment page. Complete the chart by doing the following:

Using a researched recommendation for the progression of phonemic awareness, design an assessment option for 10 skills. Each assessment should include the age-appropriate level, the target skill, three examples, components or pieces to the assessment, and a key for determining accomplishment. Example: Age 4. Recite a rhyme like “Jack and Jill…” 1) Clear articulation of words, 2) Says the rhyme in order, 3) Self-corrects an error.

Step 2. Develop a PowerPoint or other slide presentation with instructional notes, modeling how each assessment is done and what information it conveys for instruction. Example: At age 4, reciting a rhyme conveys a level of listening and repeating, recognizing the order of words placed in a pattern, and memory skills. slide might show a rhyme on the left side and what to consider when doing an assessment. Tutorials for creating PowerPoint presentations are available: Digital Learning Connections Resources and Tips

Step 3. Provide documentation in the form of citations for each assessment linked to research. Use the last slide of the slide presentation for references.

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