The business strategy game | Management homework help

Reflection #1

What business-level strategy are you pursuing?  Explain why.  

Provide at least three examples of how that strategy influenced decisions you made.

Reflection #2

Tell me about the most important thing that you spent money on in this round.  Why is that investment so important?  How do you expect it to pay off by Year 15 (three years from now)?

Did you have to give up spending on something else in order to accommodate this?  If so, what?  Are you concerned about the implications of that?

Final Presentation Instructions

Final Presentation:  This assignment requires a minimum of 5 slides plus your script.  Your presentation should be posted as a PPT or PDF.  Your script should be separate – either an MS Word or PDF file.   You need to post both attachments at the same time using the same submission link.

All presentations must feature:

Identification and explanation of your strategy and if/how that strategy evolved throughout the simulation.

A visual depiction of results/progress over the course of the simulation.  You select the metric.  Explain the decisions that contributed to this result.

Description of one or more key decisions that did NOT work out for you.

Description of one or more key decisions that DID work out for you.

Ideas for remaining slide(s):

How did your treat your employees?  Explain those decisions.

Describe your image ratings and the activities that contributed to those ratings.

Describe a key element of your marketing strategy – this could include product (branded v. private label, number of models, enhanced features), price, distribution (wholesale, internet, private label) or promotion (celebrity endorsements, internet marketing) decisions.

Describe your approach to international markets.  How important was this to your success?

Identify an special awards achieved during the simulation.  Was this a strategic target?  Which decisions contributed to those awards?

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