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TED TALK – The Biology of Gender: From DNA to the Brain | Karissa Sanbonmatsu

WRITE: 4-5 Paragraph reflection on.

Title of the documentary/film.

  • Title of the documentary  
  • What is the purpose of the documentary?  
  • What is the main message the director wants to get across to the audience? 
  • Did you know anything about the subject before you watched the documentary?  
  • What did you expect to see?  
  • What have you learned from it?  
  • Was there anything that surprised you?  
  • What are the drawbacks of the documentary?  How exactly does gender work? It’s not just about our chromosomes, says biologist Karissa Sanbonmatsu. In a visionary talk, she shares new discoveries from epigenetics, the emerging study of how DNA activity can permanently change based on social factors like trauma or diet. Learn how life experiences shape the way genes are expressed — and what that means for our understanding of gender.
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