synthesis essay on the two child policy in china

Research Process Step 1: Synthesis writing is a written discussion that draws on one or more sources. In an academic synthesis, you make explicit the relationships that you have inferred among separate sources. Go beyond summary to make judgments – judgments based, of course, on critical reading of the sources. Go beyond the critique of individual sources to determine the relationship among them.

4-5 pages of content, Title and References additional, double-spaced in 12pt font. APA Format.… <%22>… <%22>… <%22>

1.Write a 4-5 page content essay. Title and References pages additional.

2.A formal outline following APA format must be submitted first either in class or email.

3.Final copy must be submitted in Canvas.

4.Topic on a political global issue relating to justice and injustice. Professor approves topic. (no abortion, marijuana, drinking age, gun control, capital punishment)

5.Essay should include introduction with a thesis statement with the issue stated.

6.Body includes the different opposing viewpoints.

7.Conclusion includes: restate thesis, summary, ending, tie-in to introduction, reflection.

8.Two-four sources from the college library database. The sources must be cited correctly using the APA format as a References page at the end of the paper.

9.If it is on the References page, it must be cited in the paper. These sources are the beginning of your annotated bibliography.

10.Synthesis paper will examine and analyze the different points of view from the research and fuse with your ideas on the topic.

11.No first person “I” point of view. Paper is in third person.

12.How does this connect to freedom, equality, justice, and power? How is it important to society, and how does it affect society?

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