statistics in alex math pie

This is a math pie that is located on the actual website. Once you log on you click on black board. (on the left hand side) and continue in to statistics math 300 course. Once your there you’ll click on ALEKS (located on the leftside). There is a link to click and you’ll be entered into the course for the math pie. Further instructions will be given once the question is accepted.

25 out of 85 topics done

the rest need to be completed


  • Describe the differences between the various types of data.
  • Apply various descriptive graphical techniques.
  • Calculate measurements of central tendency and dispersal.
  • Solve problems using probability, conditional probability, and counting principles.
  • Solve problems using discrete probability distributions, including the binomial probability distribution.
  • Solve problems using the normal frequency distribution.
  • Determine confidence intervals for data.
  • Describe the vocabulary and principles of hypothesis testing.
  • Apply linear regression to problems.
  • Conduct ANOVA and goodness of fit tests.
  • Discuss application of course content to professional contexts.
  • Use technological tools to solve problems in statistics.
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