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  • Week 4 – Data Management Project: Data Dictionary

    A data dictionary for all tables defined in data model is required for final project. This week, you will create a data dictionary for two entities from week 3 submission of data model (I attached answer you provided in week 3 below). A data dictionary defines information for data model and database design.Please identify the following components for each of the two entities:

    • Attribute name
    • Attribute data type
    • Attribute description
    • Attribute values

    Here are two different sample templatesto define your data dictionary. You can choose either sample template. Submit your assignment in MS Word format .

    • Video: Module 8 – CREATE TABLE Basics (6:24 min.)

Select one of the following SQL statements. You need to identify the statement and the syntax. Provide an example of the SQL statement using a table and attributes from the database you are designing (i attached your previous answer) for your data management project.

  • Select with Order by clause
  • Select with Having clause
  • Select using (Count (*))
  • Update using columns
  • Update without columns identified
  • Delete
  • Create Schema
  • Create View
  • Create Index
  • Alter Schema
  • Alter Table
  • Alter View
  • Alter Index
  • Drop Table
  • Drop View
  • Drop Index
  • Create Trigger (just basic structure) you don’t have to provide example with this one
  • Create Procedure (just basic structure) you don’t have to provide example with this one
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