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The final project in this course will have you analyze how media representations of diversity shape our understanding of groups that we may not be familiar with. This assignment will help you get started on the research you will need for your final project.

Begin by reviewing the Media Representations of Diversity assignment instructions. This will provide you with an understanding of what kinds of resources you may need for the final project. For this assignment, you will need 
at least 3 scholarly or credible sources, 2 of which must be scholarly sources from the UMGC Library. The third resource will be one of the required readings from this course.

Finding scholarly sources  

For this part of the final project, you will use the UMGC library databases to locate two scholarly sources. You will also choose one other source from the required resources in this course, for a total of 
3 sources.

What is a scholarly source? This resource from the Library provides an excellent overview of what makes a source scholarly: 

Identify Scholarly Journals

Is My Source Credible?
 will also help you in determining if you have chosen an appropriate source.

What kinds of sources should I be looking for? There are several ways to begin your research. Terms like “bias in Hollywood,” “diversity in the movies,” and “diversity in media” may be useful. You can also consider searching for the title of the movie, book, or TV series or episode you have chosen. If you are having trouble finding resources, please reach out to your professor or to the Library’s 

Ask a Librarian

Submit a summary of each article using the attached worksheet. In your own words, identify the key findings of the article. Do not simply state what the article was about (e.g., “This article talks about cyberbullying”). What specific information did you learn from your source? (E.g., “Cyberbullying has become a popular means of abuse among teenagers, affecting about half of all young people.”) The purpose of the key findings section is to demonstrate that you have read and understood each of your sources. Your key findings should be 200 words in length. 
Do not simply copy and paste the abstract or any other part of your source! This violates the university’s 

Academic Integrity policy

The purpose of this assignment is to 1) ensure that you are using appropriate, scholarly sources, and 2) to make sure you are on track for your final project. 

Please download the attached annotated bibliography worksheet.

Turnitin will be used to evaluate this assignment prior to grading. Please review the syllabus for more information about the use of Turnitin in this course.

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