semester project 4


NOTE REGARDING EVALUATION: Standards for college-level writing detailed in the Academic Writing Rubric are applied to all work in this course and are incorporated into the evaluation of specific elements of individual assignments.See also the

“Grades” file posted in Start Here; this document sets out generally accepted standards for letter-grades in college courses.

Paper Two (Personal Case Analysis) is Part II of your semester project.

Using the personal case you submitted as the focus, analyze that organizational situation from specific communication perspectives using the case method. As you develop this section of the semester project, you may realize that the personal case could be somewhat revised to make analysis from various chapter perspectives more easily accomplished. As discussed in class, you are certainly permitted to do that. Be sure to keep notes of the revisions you make and your reasons for doing so – This will become part of the required revision memo element of Paper Three (Case Facilitation), which is Part III of your semester project.

Demonstrate your ability to apply key concepts and theories of classical and contemporary theoretical approaches to the study of organizational communication to aspects of your own experience as described in your personal case narrative. Describe and discuss approaches to and processes of management, socialization, decision-making, conflict management, change management, systems and networks, leadership, emotion processes, organizational culture, and/or constitutive processes, as they are illustrated in the organizational communication context of your personal case narrative.

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