screening and selecting internal candidates


You have written a job description for CapraTek’s regional sales representative positions and determined job requirements. Now it is time to determine testing methods and choose the top three candidates to interview.


After reviewing the CapraTek regional sales representative job description and requirements you developed for Assessment 5, use the Candidate Selection media piece to review the candidates’ resumes. In a 5–6 page report, include the following in your explanation of the candidate selection process:

  • Explain why and when candidate background checks will be authorized.
    • Identify pre-employment screening tests for the position being recruited.
    • Articulate possible legal issues associated with candidate screenings.
  • Select assessment methods to use based on the job being recruited and the budget available.
    • Develop the sequence in which methods will be used to screen applicants.
    • Explain how technology will impact choice of screening and selection methods.
  • Design a final candidate selection process for the position being recruited.
    • Describe the method you would use to make your final hiring decision (compensatory, hurdles, weighted, et cetera).
    • Determine which candidates meet the basic job requirements.
    • Identify the top three candidates to interview for the position.
    • Explain your rationale for why the selected candidates should be interviewed.

Additional Requirements

  • Times New Roman font, 12 point.
  • Double-spaced, typed pages.
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