revise an essay by following the instruction

This assignment has three parts.

1) Read this lecture and employ its techniques to your essay.…

2) Choose any one of the essays you’ve written and revise it.

Include both the previous drafts , and this new, improved, revised draft in your submission. YOUR GRADE IS BASED MOSTLY ON THE IMPROVEMENT SEEN IN THE DRAFTS.

3) Describe in a paragraph at the end of the essay your method of revision and how what you learned in the video you used in your essay. In your paragraph, answer these questions:

1. What are the three most important differences between the first draft and the final draft.?

2. Re-read the “learning outcomes” on the syllabus (it’s in “‘Announcements”) and write three sentences about how the final draft addresses any of these learning outcomes.

(here is the cope of the Learning Outcomes:

Learning Outcomes:

Read and respond critically to various college-level readings in diverse cultural and historical contexts, distinguishing between fact and opinion, literal and inferential meanings, and warranted and unwarranted assumptions from available data.

Identify and evaluate deductive/inductive arguments, claims, frames of reference, stated and unstated premises, conclusions, authority, and common logical fallacies in reasoning and argument.

Evaluate diction and language, recognizing denotative, connotative, and rhetorical uses of language and exploring literary devices such as irony, overstatement, and paradox.

Research a problem and propose a solution, in correct academic prose at transfer level, assessing the credibility of, and accurately citing, outside sources.)

3. How would you evaluate your process and product? What did you do well? Not so well? Do you see improvement? Why or why not? What will you do next to improve your argument essays in the few weeks remaining in the course. YOUR GRADE IS SIGNIFICANTLY DETERMINED BY HOW SELF-REFLECTIVE AND SELF-AWARE YOU ARE ABOUT YOUR OWN WRITING PROCESS AND PRODUCT.

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