Review | Information Systems homework help

 For this assignment, review the following article:

Abomhara, M., & Køien, G. M. (2015).  Cyber security and the internet of things: vulnerabilities, threats, intruders and attacksJournal of Cyber Security and Mobility, 65-88.

Address the following:

  • What did the authors investigate, and in general how did they do so?
  • Identify the hypothesis or question being tested
  • Summarize the overall article.
  • Identify the conclusions of the authors
  • Indicate whether or not you think the data support their conclusions/hypothesis
  • Consider alternative explanations for the results
  • Provide any additional comments pertaining to other approaches to testing their hypothesis (logical follow-up studies to build on, confirm or refute the conclusions)
  • The relevance or importance of the study
  • The appropriateness of the experimental design
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