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1.  What does it mean to have a multicultural perspective? To have a multicultural perspective is to be able to view other cultures in society. (Cross, T., Bazron, B., Denise, K., & Isaacs, T., (1989). Towards A Culturally Competent System of Care, Volume 1) There are multicultural issues related to health that people of color have to deal with. Race can play a major role in one’s life because studies have shown that some ethnic groups are more at risk for some health concerns. Multicultural factors may have affected how a person is medically treated due to race. ( story focuses on how people of color are discriminated against and can’t seek proper medical attention because of their race.  


Multicultural education values different student cultures and prepares students to thrive in a diverse world. At its core, multicultural education fosters equality, justice, and equity, and it establishes the reality of philosophical ideals in classroom environments. Multicultural education is what schools implement to establish equitable educational opportunities for all their students. It is also an ongoing process of helping students succeed in their academic and personal lives.

Teachers, administrators, and school leaders play an important role in ensuring the incorporation of multicultural education by selecting and managing policies, curricula, and teaching styles. The practice relies on educators who value the histories and experiences of diverse groups of students. Schools and teachers can approach multicultural education in a variety of ways, supporting students as they develop positive perspectives of their own cultures as well as the cultures of their peers. By incorporating culturally responsive pedagogy in curricula and teaching practices, teachers can create an inclusive classroom that values all students.

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