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Cloud Discussion 


A Storage Area Network (SAN) is a specialized, high-speed network that provides block-level network access to storage. SANs are typically composed of hosts, switches, storage elements, and storage devices that are interconnected using a variety of technologies, topologies, and protocols. SANs may also span multiple sites (Jaikar, et. al., 2016). A SAN presents storage devices to a host such that the storage appears to be locally attached.

Describe how cloud-based data storage works

The important factors responsible for cloud-based data storage are the uptime guarantee signifying the degree of disruption in service on an annual scale (Waters, 2011). Price is another factor that determines the Cloud Service Provider, which can be reserved pay as you go on discount or any other method. The option of backup is another factor which enables decision for service providers.

Define collaboration

Collaboration is a process to communicate with multiple persons based on some agenda. It is based on systematic process which consists of two platform first is offline mode and second is online mode. In offline mode, there are different persons are situated in a meeting room to achieve the purpose of the meeting (Gola, et. al., 2014). There are different platforms in the online process, such as Google meet, Microsoft team, and Zoom used in collaboration purposes. 

Define and describe cloud-based collaboration.

Cloud based collaboration system is based on cloud platform where you can store and navigate the data and information based on systematically based on requirement (Gola, et. al., 2014). It is fully based on internet service. It is more efficient and dynamic than offline collaboration, but it has some limitation that it based on internet connection. Sometimes, connection may be slow or may be disconnected. 


Steps taken to reduce users concerns about storing data within the cloud

Letting each person within an organization receive education on cloud usage (KUKOYI et al., 2019). People in higher ranks should be given more privacy because they have access to privatized information. Limit users based on ranks in an organization to help secure information

Factors to consider when selecting a vendor.

The amount required for storage by the vendor. The certainty that services offered by the vendor meet your requirements (Deshmukh et al., 2019). A vendor that has made early preparation of the software and all the tools used.

Pros and cons of cloud-based data storage.

It is cheaper since you do not have to pay the license fee. Assurance of data security since data is encrypted as it is sent (Mansouri et al., 2017). It is disadvantageous as it requires internet for its function ability- to access data you need to have internet.

Advantages and disadvantages of the cloud-based database.

It is cheaper since most services are paid on the instant. Wide access variety- you can access data on a variety of devices like mobile phones. It is inappropriate as it is difficult to move the database to a different cloud service once one has been used and internet failures (Chopra et al., 2019): cloud databases depend on the internet; therefore, its failure affects it.

Business Intelligence Discussions


There have been many books and opinion pieces written about the impact of AI on jobs and ideas for societal responses to address the issues. Two ideas were mentioned in the chapter – UBI and SIS. What are the pros and cons of these ideas? How would these be implemented?

Artificial intelligence (AI) can improve the workplace environment because of its ability to reduce costs, improve productivity, and encourage innovative reforms. Additionally, staffing is another area where AI innovation will have a meaningful place in hiring workers and supervisors in the future(Half, 2020). 

Two main ideas were mentioned in the chapter, Universal basic income and (UBI) and societal investment stipend (SIS). Under the concept of universal basic income (UBI), everyone will have a minimum basic income such that no other individual goes hungry, considering the massive job losses triggered by automation. It is a program designed by the government in which every adult citizen would receive a set of amounts regularly to alleviate poverty and improve the basic social programs. On the other hand, Lee (2019) suggested paying allowances to individuals who contribute to society. The concept is to implement a basic income for all members of society. SIS is the concept of offering a monetary stipend to people for their contributions to society through community service, assistance, care, or education.

There are two significant benefits associated with UBI. This theory will help to mitigate community balances. Indeed though some people will lose jobs, some advantaged people will profit from AI jobs. Universal basic income, with cutting-edge reform gaining power on blue-collar and salaried professions, would help as a security net for several laid-off individuals due to technology disruption. It would remove the limitations of efficient operation, just, and sustainable process. However, the cons potential impact on more people to become unemployed might have a detrimental effect on income taxes. It will also intensify housing and health services issues as unemployment increases (Hoynes & Rothstein, 2019). Nevertheless, multiple statisticians have demonstrated that a universal basic income would be more sustainable, positive, and perpetual. But various issues with the universal basic income need to be addressed. 

With societal investment, stipends are used quarterly to subsidize wages and salaries by providing social investment grants to workers on a sliding computation to ponder the discrepancy in living costs and payrolls. Many endowments are used to fund social investments like health, education, including other well-being plans. It is habitually the least costly means to help with poverty by being a good steward of the community’s economics. The expense related to the before-mentioned grants is typically more economical than government grants. These donations are also a valuable source of income as many philanthropists can deduct part of the cost to lower upset their taxes. The approach is to take social investment as social insurance (Sharda et al. 2020). In the past, the concept was to provide for the needs of the poorest sections of society in order to increase their incomes.


Social investment stipend (SIS) is a program which benefits a society positively. It basically involves suffering services such as providing services such as education, community services and HealthCare for the benefit of the community (Sharda et al., 2020). This is highly facilitated by the technological advancement.

Some pros of Social Investment Stipend (SIS)

  • It helps in encouraging other people through the services of rewarding in the some community members
  • It also assists in boosting the social welfare of the less fortunate people in the society
  • It credits and recognizes people form their suitable work and getting paid for their good work  

Some cons of Social Investment Stipend (SIS)

  • There are possible tensions which exists among social and economic goals
  • Some projects in the society can be very risky and harmful to some people on the society

Universal Basic Income (UBI) is government program whereby every adult citizen receives a specific amount of funds on different timeliness. It is important government program which helps in encouraging soviet and helps in decreasing the poverty rates through offering financial support (Sharda et al., 2020).

Some pros of Universal Basic Income (UBI)

  • It helps in settling and addressing technological unemployment
  • It boost and supports unpaid care employees
  • It assists in eliminating the poverty among the people

Some cons of Universal Basic Income (UBI)

  • It is government expensive program in undeveloped countries
  • There are many cases of inequality
  • It is discriminative and some people may end up not getting anything form the program thus infective

The implementation of the two programs is facilitated by the government intervention. Some of the four factors that need to be considered when it to the implementation of the two programs is considering costs of the implementation sometimes it can be very high such that it cannot be manageable. The other factor to consider is the setting aside finds which can help in the whole process of implementing the programs (Sharda et al., 2020). Through carrying out research on the country economy is very important to enhancing the implementation of the two programs.

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