reporting of current entrepreneurship news theme this week is about funding so the news talk should be about funding

Reporting of Current Entrepreneurship News (Theme is about funding)

These “News Talks” will do a 3-minute news story of a timely (within the last 30 days) story on entrepreneurship.

Keys to a good grade on the News Talks are as follows:

  • The news story comes from the past month / student tells us the source of the story/ the story is from a legitimate news source (i.e., not TMZ, Inc. or Forbesmagazine, Business Insideror the like). Stick with the high-brow sources – listed above in “Required Reading,” like MatterMark Daily, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, The Economist, etc.
  • Very Important: the theme of your news story is closely tied to a theme we’ve discussed in class, and the student shows specifically how the story relates.(Theme this week is about funding so the news talk should be about funding)
  • You are organized in your presentation (I recommend using note cards).
  • You incorporate your opinion into the story, rather than just recite the facts.
  • You stick to 3 minutes.
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