Reflection paper | Psychology homework help

Write a 3-page paper reflecting on your present attitudes regarding alcoholism and drug addiction issues.



Discuss your opinions, preconceptions, biases, and stereotypes; please feel free to write on your own personal experiences as well, 


** Please write about drug addiction issue of high schoolers and 20s


Pay special attention to whatever beliefs and feelings you currently have about working with those impacted by substance abuse and its related behaviors (e.g., recognizing and dealing with transference/counter-transference; drug “lifestyles” and “culture,” the consternation and agony of suffering family members; therapist exasperation and “burnout,” etc.).


**I do not work in this field but I have an interest in this field. 


Include areas of interest that you would like to explore during the course of this semester. This paper should be contemplative in character.



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