read chapters 12 13 and 14 from the attached text book and answer the below questions in 1000 words

Read Chapter 12 – Leadership Power and Influence, Chapter 13 -Creating Vision and Strategic Direction and Chapter 13 -Creating Vision and Strategic Direction

You should choose 6 of the 9 discussion prompts to complete the discussion assignment. Answer 6 of them

  1. What do you consider the most important difference between transformational leadership and transactional leadership? Between transformational and charismatic leadership? How is transformational leadership similar to charismatic leadership?
  2. Assume you are on a search committee to replace the CEO of a large financial services firm that is recovering from problems related to the mortgage crisis. Which do you think would be most valuable for a new top leader trying to solve the problems within the organization—charismatic, transformational, coalitional, or Machiavellian-style leadership? What about for a new top leader of a small private university? Discuss.
  3. A vision can apply to an individual, a family, a college course, a career, or decorating an apartment. Think of something you care about for which you want the future to be different from the present and write a vision statement for yourself.
  4. Do you think most employees know and understand what the mission and vision is of their company is? Suggest some ways leaders can effectively communicate the mission and vision to people both inside and outside the organization.
  5. Strategic vision and strategic action are both needed for a leader to be effective. Which do you think you are better at doing? Why?
  6. How difficult would it be for you as a leader to fire someone who is bringing in big sales and profits for the company but not living up to the cultural values? Explain.
  7. As a leader, how might you recognize a culture gap? What techniques might you use to influence and change cultural values when necessary?
  8. Discuss the meaning of calling and membership, as related to spiritual leadership. Identify an organization or leader that uses these concepts. To what extent were these concepts present where you have worked?
  9. Some people believe that all good leadership is spiritual in nature. Others think spiritual values have no place at work. Discuss these two opposing viewpoints.




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