public budget analysis

1. Pull the latest Budget, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report, for the City of Jackson, MS. as well as the enabling legislation for the State of MS.

2. Review the public revenues and public expenditures of the City of Jackson, MS. Determine if the budget is balanced, as written. Justify your position.

3. Reduce the public expenditures by at least 5%, however, you are not limited to a 5% reduction. If you find a way to reduce more expenditures, that would be great. Justify the proposed public expenditure reduction.

4. Based on the enabling legislation of the State of MS, increase public revenues by at least 5%. Again, you are not limited to a 5% increase. Justify the proposed public revenue increase.

5. Review the budgets for the City of Jackson, MS for the last 5 years and project the expected level of revenue and expenditures for the fiscal year of 2018. Use at least two projection models. Discuss and justify the projection models used as well as those not used.

All calculations should be submitted in an Excel document. Discussion and justifications should be submitted in a Word document.

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