position papers questions are all base on ai

Structure your paper around these open questions (from DeepMind Ethics & Society):

  • How can we understand and estimate the effect AI will have on the changing labor market? What are the possible risks, benefits, and consequences of these changes?
  • How and when will AI affect the relative earning power of different economic groups in society? What forms of inequality could this create or exacerbate?
  • How can the social and economic impact of AI be anticipated and modelled, given that they are predicated on technological advances yet to be made?
  • What new opportunities do these technologies create, and what responses are needed to ensure positive economic effects, inclusivity and equal access to benefits?

Your audience will be the people working at AI Now Institute at New York University, Dr. Longo, and the other students in class this semester. Your purpose is to persuasively advocate for your team’s position based on what you have learned about the topic. The point of this assignment is to practice applying your knowledge as a technology professional to technology+society issues outside the classroom.


  • Model UN Preparation. “Position Papers.” Online at this link.
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