Peer response week 1 hse 350

Peer Response HSE 350

Response #1: Hello, Good work assessing the role of DHS in keeping us safe. DHS works with businesses to increase critical infrastructure protection. How can the banking system be a target as a critical infrastructure?

Response #2: The Critical Infrastructure is Protection Act of 2017, as passed by Congress, is intended to protect the infrastructures of the United States. The critical components of the infrastructure are such as food sources from production to delivery, help ensure a safe healthcare system and pharmaceuticals, by offering preventative measures of threats and harsh penalties to those that do threaten the infrastructure. The infrastructures are outlined as:  

(A) energy capture, refining, manufacturing, and delivery systems – this would include, yet not be limited to, power plants, such as Georgia Power, which has numerous facilities to capture energy, refine and convert for businesses and homes.

(B) transportation and transportation systems – this would include airports, the trucking industry and roadways that deliver necessities such as supplies and food.

(C) water and sewer capture, processing, and delivery systems – this would include, yet would not be limited to, facilities such as the water company, sewer systems and pipelines.

(D) healthcare systems, to aid in the prevention of threats to the safety and quality of medications, medical devices, and delivery of life-saving health care services such as Life Flight.

(E) food production, processing, and delivery systems – this would include farm lands, food processing facilities, the equipment required for packaging and delivering foods

(F) virtual and physical communication systems – including, but not limited to, The Public Broadcast System, internet, media, phones.

(G) financial systems, including The US Treasury, FDIC, financial institutions such as banks and credit unions. This could also include banking delivery systems such as Brinks trucks.

(H) the electricity grid – including, yet may not be limited to, electrical components that create the grid such as power lines, poles, transformers.  

With this Act, comes great responsibility of the Department of Homeland Security and other agencies as planning that must also be set forth in order to protect the infrastructures.  Planning and prevention would differ for each component of the infrastructure.

Cited Source: Terrorism Prevention and Critical Infrastructure Protection Act.

Must be 100 words

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