part of a report

This is part of a report which I have to do.

I’ll send you the project description

My part is about light saving

Previous lights used in the school were F32T8

New lights we are going to implement are F32T8 LED

I would like to get whats difference and how they are going to save energy and money

Bulbs currently used: 0.032 kW

Bulbs to implement: 0.012 kW

Cost of electric

9.6 cents per kWh

Cost of new bulbs $5.99

Price to implement new bulbs


Total number of bulbs in the school

2208 bulbs

Total usage if the bulbs are switched on per month


24/7 without weekends

7 am-7 pm

7 am- 7 pm without weekends

This will be attached


1-Project Description

2-Break Even Chart

3-Cost Comparison Numbers Per Month

4- Cost Comparison Chart

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