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The new me started about 5 years ago. That was when I learned that I did not have to be the most aggressive person in the room. Before that, I had fifteen years of managing small teams of people. I was known as tough but fair, and my subordinates seem to like me. However, when I entered a large corporation, that aggressiveness was not seen as a good thing. With proper coaching and self-awareness of what was not working for me, I made some changes. I used the benchmarking of another leader who was performing well within the company to model myself after. Benchmarking as defined by Carmichael & Carter is when one takes and adapts best practices from another to measure performance.

Once I made the changes to the way I approach communication, I noticed I was more respected and able to lead my peers in various projects. Though I was formally a leader, by using supportive techniques I was more easily able to lead. Previously it may have looked more forceful while now it is more fluid. I also use more two-way communication now rather than telling as before. This communication is especially important as my company is in the middle of tremendous changes. When people are facing changes, they need to be able to ask questions, not just have the information dictated to them (Anderson, L. A., & Anderson, D., 2009).

If I knew 5 years ago what I know now, I think I would have adapted the leader’s behavior more to my style rather than just modeling. Benchmarking is not necessarily about just copying someone but rather modify what is right into your own practices (Carmichael, P., & Carter, L., 2009). I think over the years this organically happened, but at the time I was very focused on being exactly like that manager I viewed as a success. Though I continue to grow and develop my skills, I would say that my communication has improved, and as a result, so have people’s perception of me.


Carmichael, P., & Carter, L. (2009). Best Practices. Leadership Excellence, 26(11), 16. Retrieved from….

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