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Power and Influence –

A good example of a worldwide Influential Organizational Leader is Mark Zuckerberg CEO of Facebook. He didn’t use any research or ask his friends what they thought about or used any form of patent. He simply started it from his college dorm and launched it without testing it. (Blodget 2012), Facebook is a global business with $4 Billion of revenue that is used by 1/8th of the world population. It has probably doubled since then. I would dare say ½ of the world’s population uses or at least checks out Facebook. (Carlson 2010), the origins of Facebook have been in dispute since the very week a 19-year- old Mark Zuckerman launched the site as a Harvard sophomore on February 4, 2014. Then called “the,” was an instant hit. It is visited by 400 million people a month. There was huge controversy as soon as it launched. (Carlson 2010), a week after he launched the site in 2004, Mark was accused by three Harvard seniors of having stolen the idea from them. There have been many allegations against the CEO running from fraud to misuse of personal information. The latest suggests he hacked into a competitors system and changed user information. Socializing the people around the world when they’re online was something we didn’t have before. Myspace was popular, but not in the way that Facebook is. Myspace came first and it was a popular social media with the same concept as Facebook but the way Facebook has multiplied in the last 18 years is phenomenal. (Wagner 2014), getting billions of people to do something at the same time on a regular basis is a task that virtually no other company has ever achieved. Mark Zuckerberg is known for donating money. Not just some money but billions. (Mento 2017), he and his wife Priscilla Chan, have donated shares in the company worth almost $2 billion to fund philanthropic initiatives. The gifts are part of the couple’s pledge to sell between thirty million to seventy-five million shares of Facebook stock. Zuckerberg wants to donate ate at least 90 percent of the shares. Unfortunately, his investments can go flop. In 2010, he pledged a donation to Newark, NJ’s failing school system. (Garfield 2018), the goal was to help the city’s struggling school system. In an interview with Business Insider, Newark Ras Baraka said that the foundation did not use the money wisely. Baraka says it was “parachuted” elsewhere in the city. It was supposed to help a foundation which would get together and use it for the schools. I work for Newark and know first-hand how poorly the school system is run poorly and there is a huge need for resources like tutoring, computers and after-school programs.


Mento, M., (2017), Chan, Zuckerberg Donate Facebook Shares Worth $2 Billion, New York, NY, Philanthropy News Digest

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