one question about country system

Q1. Create a detailed concept for what you believe to be an ideal country using the form provided below.


  • You should present your case clearly and persuasively with adequate documentation.
  • You may consult whatever materials you wish and must come from reputable sources
  • You should use frequent examples from the textbook.
  • You may write as much as you need to adequately provide the required information.
  • Your response should be in good English with correct punctuation and no spelling errors.
  • It should be documented with footnotes or within text citations and a bibliography or list of works cited.

  • Concepts for an Ideal Human Government

    • Country Name:
    • Introduction/ Overview:
    • History of colonization:


    • General comments:
    • Location:
    • Area (sq. miles):
    • Population:
    • Climate:
    • Terrain:
    • Land use:
    • Natural resources


    • General comments:
    • Government type:
    • Legislative function:
    • Executive function:
    • Judicial function:
    • Military/security:
    • Suffrage:
    • Electoral system:


    • General comments:
    • Relationship to government :


    • General comments:
    • Other comments:


    Note : The documentation should be in one of the formats indicated by Kate L. Turabian’s A Manual for Writers of Research Papers, Theses, and Dissertation

    Textbook: Gabriel Almond et al., Comparative Politics Today, 10th edition, ISBN 978-0-205-10913

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