Nuclear weapons | Social Science homework help

Days prior to signing a new nuclear arms reduction treaty with Russia (on April 8, 2010), President Obama released a “Nuclear Posture Review” – which limits the circumstances under which the U.S. would use nuclear weapons. Under the policy, the U.S. will not use nuclear weapons against non-nuclear states – unless they are believed to be developing them (such as North Korea and possibly Iran). Also, biological or chemical weapon attacks would not warrant nuclear retaliation. \


Now, discuss the following: 


1.      Do you agree or disagree with the Obama Administration’s policy on the use of nuclear weapons? Provide a clear and specific rationale for your response.

2.      Under what specific circumstances – if any – is it appropriate for the United States to consider using NUCLEAR weapons against another nation? 

3.      Presented another way, if you were President of the United States, under what specific circumstances would you allow for the use of NUCLEAR weapons against another nation? 

4.      Would it be necessary for the U.S. to have the support of its allies and/or the United Nations Security Council before using NUCLEAR weapons against another country? Or, do circumstances exist where you, as President, would make a unilateral decision to use nuclear weapons against another country?

5.      Finally, is the international community (including the U.S. and the United Nations) acting aggressively enough in response to North Korea and Iran’s nuclear weapons programs?


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