need someone to write a 1500 2500 word paper

  • Think about changing the bidding process atMatrix PDM located in the heart of Eagle Ford Shale.
    • Old Way
      • GM decides after “straw vote”
      • See accompanying notes to self (a docx)
    • New Way?
  • In your capacity as the newly-arrived GM ofthe George West office, complete the accompanying memo to key actors…
    • Everyone who chooses to participate will submit a memo as an individual
      • Feel free to brainstorm with others
    • Write between 1500 and 2500 words
      In the format:
      After careful consideration of all the issues related to the need to improve our profitability in this evolving market, upon my arrival next week, our office will use a different bidding process to respond to RFPs. Specifically, we will change from…

      The Rationale

      …Exhibit 1 outlines the new approach…

      The Implementation Plan


    • Notes to Self about Other Players at George West{Matrix PDM: an organization recognized by its competitors as being among the most innovative in the sector, employing a creative bazaar model of open innovation…}{Based upon my conversation with the manager (T. Man) of the entire Southwest Region, I have recorded the following notes in my journal about the situation into which I have been thrust after the firing of the GM at George West, TX…in the heart of the Eagle Ford Shale.}To me it looks like the previous GM was motivated primarily to get business:with minimal or no profit if necessary, but maximizing profits when possible.T. Man believes that on occasion decisions were made just to avoid layoffs and to keep the “doors open.”I believe also, based on some snide commentary, that some issue related to conflict of interest (possible kickbacks) led to the previous GM’s dismissal.Currently, the chief estimator (Bud), the job superintendent (Billy Bob), and the GM receive a bonus for each contract brought in by the group.This bonus is 0.5% of the total value of the bid, for each person (1.5 % total).T. Man believes that Bud has a tendency to overestimate tasks, materials, etc., or exaggerate them, to allow for risk. Bud no doubt disagrees and believes that his chief motive is to be correct (a professional core value no doubt instilled in him via his degree from Texas A&M in construction management).T. Man also believes that Billy Bob is not as conservative; more risk is acceptable to him. Billy Bob is driven to demonstrate his professionalism (he has an associate’s degree in construction technology from ITT-Tech) and maximize profits in order to show off his abilities and efficiencies.Billy Bob has complete confidence in his abilities, having been in the business for over 30 years. Since he is in complete charge of his projects, he believes that he can control every aspect of the construction effort.T. Man expresses complete confidence in these abilities and has publicly acknowledged this expertise: the innovative ways to contain costs via smart scheduling, use of materials, concurrent tasking, prudent exercise of overtime, etc.Pam (the office accountant, a CPA with an Energy MBA from TCU) is the gatekeeper for the RFP process:no one works on responding to any request until she has checked the financial stability of the enterprise requesting a quote. If she approves, four people decide on the detailed response (pricing, timing, etc.) to requests for proposals: the GM, Bud, Billy Bob, and Pam.In the past, the final decision was entirely at the discretion of the GM, although the past GM usually asked for a “straw vote” from the other three before making his decision.

      T. Man has given me carte blanche to improve the situation in George West, especially in light of the continuing uncertainty in drilling.My major concern is to rebuild the trust among the players, to foster harmonious relations among the various key “players” within the office, given this pressurized environment…and to keep the office viable thru the inevitable swings in activity within Eagle Ford Shale.
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