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Yes, I agree wholeheartedly with the author’s assertions that the United States needs to engage certain powers to stay safe from present day dangers.

In supporting their claim, the authors at first listed the threat the United States face in the present day. They then expatiated on why the hatchet between super powers should be buried. “This new world is shaped fundamentally by technology not ideology” they say (Hachigan & Sutphen, 2008). The authors point the arrow towards “[the] technologically empowered forces of chaos – the rotten fruit of globalization” as the greatest threat to the peace and posterity the pivotal powers are seeking to achieve and not themselves. These threats include terrorist and pathogens.

In tackling the former, all hands of the pivotal power have been on deck in collaborating with the US on counterterrorism efforts. As the United States cannot have sufficient intelligence presence in every terrorist prone country, it relies on the capabilities of the host country. A positive result of this collaboration occurred in August of 2006 when due to British vigilance, a plot to blow up 10 airplanes heading to U.S. was uncovered and foiled. In tackling the latter, the creation of WHO presents an avenue for a joint global response to any deadly pathogen. Together, the threats can easily be dealt with.

The popular saying goes thus, “No Man is an Island”. For the little price to pay, collaborating with the pivotal powers would do more good than not. True, this may mean giving up a bit of control and being “bound by the same solutions, policies, institutions, and rules as everyone else” (Hachigan & Sutphen, 2008), but the reward outweighs the risks. Isolatism or protectionism may look alluring it never is the answer.

Hachigan, N., & Sutphen, M. (2008). Strategic Collaboration: How the United States Can Thrive as Other Powers Rise. The Washington Quaterly, pp. 43-57.

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