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The objective for this worksheet is to summarize and analyze the relationship between ‘art’ and other elements of culture in a single cultural group. Ultimately, the final product will be a brochure in which the student takes on the persona of a cultural anthropologist who is a museum curator. Thus, your task as the museum curator is to construct a brochure that serves both as an item the public has while viewing your museum exhibit on the art & its relationship to other cultural elements well as an item that the public can leave with. The information in the brochure will be based on academically credible sources, with a skew towards work conducted by cultural anthropologists.

Organization of Brochure

For the brochure, you will take on the persona of a cultural anthropologist who is a museum curator to summarize and analyze the relationship between ‘art’ and other elements of culture in a single cultural group based on research currently available in the field of cultural anthropology. Although this is being framed as a ‘brochure’ that mirrors a museum exhibit, it is best to think of it as a condensed version of a short, but detailed academic paper in which a clear focus, use of peer-review material to support the discussion, and an introduction and conclusion still apply.

Also, keep in mind that you will NOT be the “cultural anthropologist” in the sense that you conducted fieldwork on this cultural group being discussed. Rather, your objective as a Museum Curator who is a Cultural Anthropologist is to present the public with information regarding the relationship between ‘art’ and other elements of culture in a single cultural group. I recommend thinking of this as an academic brochure read by members of the public who are interested in anthropological research and world events. This is not a travel or tourist themed exhibit.

How Do I Make a Brochure in MS Word?

I have provided a guide that will help you construct a brochure in MS Word. You are welcome to use another program, including google brochures, but make sure you are comfortable with the using that program in order to achieve the goals of this assignment.

I have also provided a PDF of a presentation the SFCC Librarian Sharde Mills did for my ANTH&206 Face-2-Face class last quarter on What are Brochures. If you are unsure of how to proceed please review this PPT first.


  • A minimum of one reliable, academically creditable source should be cited within the text as necessary and noted on a Works Cited entry in MLA or APA format.
  • A minimum of a six-panel brochure with content on each panel is required.
    • Cover Panel: One panel should be the cover panel. This panel must contain the title of your museum exhibit / brochure. I recommend also using this panel for a picture or a graphic. However, the use of a picture or graphic one the cover panel does not fulfill the picture requirement discussed below.
  • Direct quotes are not allowed. Students are encouraged to paraphrase from sources and convey information in their own words.
  • A picture with a tag-line that visually represents the information being discussed is required in the brochure. The picture can be from the internet or can be a graphic that you create to serve as supplemental material for the information discussed in the brochure.
  • Works cited section is required.

Suggestions on what to consider as you shape your brochure?

  • Who is defining it as art? Or, when did the item become art? (For example, consider when did the Zulu Beads turn into art for the Zulu? The Zulu are not an option for Worksheet #3)
  • Connection to symbolic expression
  • Connection to expressive culture
  • Connection to living communication (e.g. the rites of passage possible choice for Worksheet #3)
  • Use of or relationship to the environment
  • How anthropology’s understanding of the art has changed as more voices are incorporated into the research?
  • How has the art changed (evolved) as contact occurred OR how is the piece of art reflective of cultural experiences?
  • Cultural evolution due to contact or, in some cases, tourism

Cultural Groups for Worksheet #3

On Canvas, students can access the Announcement – Potential Sources for Worksheet #3 Sources for an academically credible source for Worksheet #3. This source is required. Aside from this required source provided for you and the textbook, additional sources are not required.

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