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Before taking on an assignment you will look over the content and only use the references and resources provided in the attachments. NO OUTSIDE SOURCES ALLOWED!!

Much variation is present in the United States population’s health care insurance coverage status. This Module’s SLP is intended to allow you to study health insurance status and access to health services in either your home state or your state of current residence. Using the “Health Insurance Coverage of the Total Population” link in the background readings, examine the Table, Map, and Trend Graph for your home state or state of current residence. Refine ‘coverage year’ choice to the most recent coverage year posted in the left side navigation bar on the site. Address the following:

  1. Summarize the key insurance findings regarding your state of choice.
  2. Who are the primary payers, and to what percentage of the coverages?
  3. What percentage of your state’s population is uninsured? Underinsured?
  4. What does the trend graph show in terms of the public/private payers and the uninsured? Explain what is changing, for better or for worse, in the last few years.

SLP Assignment Expectations

  1. Conduct additional research to gather sufficient information to support your analysis.
  2. Provide a response of 3-5 pages, not including title page and references.
  3. There are multiple required items to be addressed herein; please use subheadings to show where you are responding to each required item and to ensure that none are omitted.
  4. Support your paper with peer-reviewed articles, with at least 3 references. Use the following link for additional information on how to recognize peer-reviewed journals:
    Angelo State University Library. (n.d.).Library Guides: How to recognize peer-reviewed (refereed) journals. Retrieved from
  5. You may use the following source to assist in formatting your assignment:
    Purdue Online Writing Lab. (n.d.). General APA guidelines. Retrieved from
  6. For additional information on reliability of sources, review the following source:
    Georgetown University Library. (n.d.). Evaluating internet resources. Retrieved from
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