mkt305 week 1 discussion and response

Consumer Behavior Blog Post-It turns out there is more to shopping than you thought!” Please respond to the following:

  • Congratulations! You’re about to become a blogger! Throughout this course, you will be writing potential blog posts and sharing them in the discussion forums with your classmates. Then, you and your classmates can read each other’s blogs and comment on them, just like a real blog! This week, the Consumer Behavior Blog will focus on the consumer behavior process.
    • For your entry this week, describe and blog about a recent purchase you have made. Illustrate each aspect of the basic consumption process (need, want, exchange, costs and benefits, and reaction and value), and explain how this process relates to your purchase (Hint: See Chapter 1 in the textbook for more details).
    • Your blog entry should be approximately two to three (2-3) paragraphs in length. Additionally, be sure to respond to the blog entries created by two (2) of your peers.


  • Hello classmates and Professor,The most recent purchase I made was from TJMAXX and I bought a suitcase; I will describe weather or not if it was want/need, the value of the suitcase, how much it cost, the value of it, how it looks, and how or will it benefit me.This week, Thursday 4
    th around midnight I am leaving for a road trip to Atlanta. Me and three of my good friends planned this trip months ago and we decided that we all needed a little mini getaway. We leave Thursday night and will be back Monday evening. I have one huge suitcase (which is more so for trips that require me to take a plane), another is a tote bag, and the last one is just an overnight bag. The reason why I concluded to by a suitcase because 1. Were road tripping in a mid-size SUV, 2. I will only be gone for 3 days. In my suitcase I planned to have 1 pair of high heeled shoes and one pair of sneakers, about 5 sets of under garments, about 8 different outfits, one jacket, and toiletries.The suitcase I bought valued at $360.00 and I payed 76.00 for the suitcase. The suitcase is a medium size suitcase (black with gold detailing and it’s built like a makeup box). Instead of the average suitcase pull, this one has the four wheels where you can pull it in all directions. The purchase of this suitcase was more of a want not a need. I could have just used my tote and overnight bag, but I wanted to have something in between that I can use for road trips and smaller plane trips. The suitcase will benefit me when it comes to my small trip planning, because I would have to use my large suitcase all the time and I will be able to add more in this new suitcase whereas if I used my tote bag, I would have to used another bag just to accommodate all of my items.

    And the TJMAXX I went to was the local store near my home.


Hello Everyone, and Hello Professor!

The most recent purchase I made was at an on-line store called Far-Fetched. I happened to purchase a pair of Balenciaga trainer sneakers. In this short blogg I will breakdown if this purchase was indeed a; want/need,The value of the goods that I bought, How much it actually retails/ what I paid for it, How it looks, and lastly how it benefits me.

I want to say two months ago I went to California to visit my aunt. She is known to be a shopping addict, so she asked while I was there if I wanted to go shopping with her so I obliged. We ended up going on Rodeo Dr and I ended up stopping in the Balenciaga store to just check out bags, My my eye ended up locking with these Black and white Balenciaga Trainer sneakers or also known as (shoes that look like socks). But unfortunately at that moment I didn’t purchase them but instead waited to see if I would be able to get them at a better price somewhere else.

Now speeding up to a month ago, literally march the 25th. I happened to go in to my barbershop and as me and my barber was casually having conversation, I looked down and noticed that he happened to have the same exact Balenciaga trainer sneakers on that I passed up when I went to the actual store in California. As we conversed I asked him questions like; How do they feel on your feet?, how much did you end up paying for them? Do you feel as though the purchase was a good one? and lastly where did you decide to get them from? After receiving his responses, Which by the way were all leading me into conformation that I should definitley invest and get a pair,so I did.

He happened to get the shoes from a online store called Fart-fetched their actually similar to a T.j.Maxx but for Luxury brand items. so as soon as I left the barbershop I sat in my car and looked around on the website and saw not only they had %20 off if you used the said promo code at the time located at the top of the website page, but the shoes were retailing at just $650.00 from its original price $ 750.00. And lets not forget I got %20 off additionally.( The shoes were simple in design, yet you can virtually were them anywhere. They also sported the Balenciaga name on the side of the shoes in small print). For me this purchase was merely a want, and not a need. I simply was struck with awh when I saw them on someone else feet that captivated me to want them for myself.

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