Mano’s basic | Computer Science homework help


  using Mano’s Basic Computer write a short program of five to ten lines in assembly language to accomplish something.  

  • Your program should start with an ORG instruction      and end with an END instruction 
  • Opcodes should be from the set of twenty-five      instructions described in Dr. Duchon’s tutorial 
  • Operand addresses apply only to the seven      memory-reference instructions (AND to ISZ) and are identified with a one-      to three-character label 
  • Labels identify an address where data is stored, or      identify a location to branch to 
  • / / are used at the start of a comment 

A short example would be: 

                       ORG 100 

100                  LDA CAT       //  The contents of location CAT are loaded into the AC 

110                  COM               //  The value in the AC is complemented 

120                  STA DOG       //  The value in the AC is stored in location DOG 

130                  HLT                //  The computer halts 

140      CAT    HEX 5             // contains the value in location CAT 

150      DOG   HEX 0             // contains the value in location DOG 

                       END                // end of source code   

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