library activity occupational outlook handbook


– Answer questions 1-8 using Occupational Outlook Handbook.
– Save this document and then upload it under the Library Assignment

Using Occupational Outlook Handbook, answer the questions below.

  • Hello, my name is ______ and the career I have chosen is ______.
  • What is your motivational Story?
  • What are two major responsibilities of your career? (4-5 sentences)

  • What would be your typical work environment? (4-5 sentences)

  • What is the job outlook for the future? (hint – go to job outlook tab. Is your career stable, increasing, declining?)

  • I would be earning:

  • Find the MLA citation and add it here: (scroll to the bottom of the article to find the MLA citation, highlight the citation, click on edit, then copy, then paste)

Tell a short story about why you first became interested in this area of work. Begin with a phrase like, “I first became interested in this career when….”

(5-7 sentences)

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