leading and managing people royal air force of oman


To develop a critical awareness of current factors required for leading and managing people effectively for sustained organisational economic performance, competitiveness and prosperity.

Learning Outcomes:

To be able to:

  • Demonstrate critical knowledge and understanding around key and contemporary debates about theory and practice in the specific field of flexibility and the psychological contract.
  • Evaluate and analyse any given workplace scenario relating to effective people performance and management within the organisational context.
  • Diagnose and identify appropriate solutions to any issues or problems that will limit optimum work performance or affect the application and utilisation of worker capability.


Your Chief Executive Officer (CEO) has just returned from a conference where h/she attended a presentation on flexible working and the psychological contract. The speakers, from a variety of organisations in the public and private sector, presented case studies detailing the organisational benefits that they had received from the flexible working strategies, based on modern notions of the psychological contract, that they had introduced. Although each speaker seemed credible, it appeared that what was meant by these terms differed from speaker to speaker.Furthermore, each organisation seemed to measure ‘flexibility’ in a different way and report different outcomes.

Although still very interested in how ‘flexible working’ and the ‘psychological contract’ can benefit your organisation, your CEO has asked you to undertake some research in order to understand what these concepts are, and whether it really does have the reported benefits of improving employee performance. H/she would like to know more about what the organisation can do to develop a more positive ‘psychological contract’ in the workplace.

Your Tasks:

Write about Royal Air Force of Oman and draw on relevant research evidence and organisational practice to produce a short report of approximately 1600 words addressed to the Royal Air Force of Oman Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer:

Task 1:Critically explore and explain perceptions of ‘flexible working’ and the ‘psychological contract’, using the research evidence given on BREO. Please see the Assessment & Feedback tab for the documents to be used in compiling most of your answer). It is your use of dedicated Breo materials and reflections on these documents that will form the basis of your overall grade marks. These documents should form 80% of your research focus. For the remainder of research, you may wish to explore further the CIPD website & / or the use of peer- reviewed journals that are listed in the Unit’s Reading List. Please do not use other information from wider internet searches as this will not add to your marks.

Task 2:Critically analyse how each of these concepts are shown to operate in the organisation and the obstacles to be overcome by management to ensure a contribution to organisational performance. Please ensure wherever possible this is your current / previous workplace. If a case study organisation is used, then it must still involve the use of the same BREO materials for this topic and there should be a clear rationale given in your Introduction for the choice of this organisation.

Task3:Using a change management model provided within Unit materials, draw conclusions and make recommendations based on an argued business case for changes in the organisation to improve high levels of employee engagement in the organisation.

Structure of the Report:

Executive summary (this is a short report)

Introduction (150 words)

Literature Review (600 words)

Discussion (700 words)

Conclusion and Recommendations (350 words)

References List


*** Words count = 1600 words.

*** In-Text Citations and References using Harvard style.

*** For Breo account:

User name: 1722376

Password: Yaqoub99350352

*** The link for Breo Library: https://breo.beds.ac.uk/webapps/login/

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