john coltrane documentary essay response

2 Pages, Double Spaced

Touch up on the following points:

1. What do those interviewed in the documentary find interesting about John Coltrane as a friend and associate?

2. What do you notice about his persona and approach to making music?

3. Did you find his story as a creative artist compelling?

4. Did a particular part of his musical identity appeal to you more than others??

5. Is there evidence he was particularly politically active?

6. What do you think of the intersection of spirituality and music in this story?

7. What was his objective with his musical life?

Or, anything else you might feel relevant. What’s important is an honest, cogent, concise response/discussion of what in the film resonated with you

-Place in context of Jazz History, correct spelling, grammar and punctuation, paper should be logical.

-Couldn’t find the original Documentary, It is called the The World According to John Coltrane, it has a running time of 59 minutes, here’s the link of about 10 mins of the documentary:

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