Intake screening and assessment paper | CPSS370 Intake, Assessment, And Classification | University of Phoenix


The correctional system uses a variety of forms during the intake and assessment process, and these may differ by state. In this assignment, you will become familiar with forms that are commonly used in the correctional system for assessing individuals, and you will determine how these forms are used in the intake and assessment process.

Review the Inmate Screening Form and Initial Custody Assessment Scale starting on page 56 of Objective Jail Classification Systems: A Guide for Jail Administrators on the National Institute of Corrections website. 

Examine the forms and determine how results from these forms may be utilized.

Write a 550- to 700-word paper on the intake and assessment procedures in the assessment phase of the helping process, in which you:

  • Describe how these forms are      used in the assessment phase of the helping process with individuals      involved with the correctional system.
  • Describe how identifying risk      factors through intake and assessment will contribute to the      classification and treatment of an individual involved with the      correctional system.
  • Identify other assessment      instruments and forms that may be used in the correctional system during      the assessment phase of the helping process. Explain how these instruments      are used and what information they provide.

Include a minimum of 3 references and citations.

Format your reflection consistent with APA guidelines.

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