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Some of the important concepts and skills learned from this course are:

Big Data and Analytics:

Almost all industries are now focusing on gathering large amounts of data that provide critical insights into business growth and customer understanding. Managing and analyzing this huge amount of data has become an important function within several corporations. The

of this data provide information that cannot be readily extracted using manual methods.


Network and Cybersecurity hold utmost importance in organizational IT and data management. Protecting the company’s

and hardware assets from external or internal threats occupies the top priority for the IT department of any organization. Enforcing accurate levels of authentication and access permissions, educating employees about safety policies and usage behaviors,

monitoring cloud
operations, can all work together to ensure that hackers don’t access organization’s network and cause damage to the assets.

Social networking and audience engagement: Social media applications are the new standards for socializing in the current era. Any organization vying to get the attention of a large section of its target market, must look at social media as an important channel to build brand recognition, gather leads, and nurture them to move them down the

sales funnel
. Popular social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram have made advertising extremely easy and accessible for everyone who can access the sites. Careful targeting and segmentation of the audience can help display your ads to the market with the highest resonance to your product.

Ecommerce and Search Engine Optimization:

The boom of ecommerce has revolutionized the selling space and has given consumers more power in terms of accessing information and making buying decisions at the comfort of their location. This technology is well complimented by the evolution of mobile devices and hence the mobile-commerce. Ecommerce businesses should ensure that their platforms have a responsive design to cater to many mobile users. Search engine optimization is an effective tool that organizations can use to ensure their products are displayed to the consumers during several stages of their buyer’s journey online.

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