i need help to do homework

Please upload two things!!!

1) A spreadsheet with your data in it!! Google sheets – DOWNLOAD AS .xlsx file – then upload.

2) A PDF or a WORD doc (not google sheets) – with Your stated hypothesis –

HOW DOES ______________ change ______________ ?

a description of your variables –

Question 1 – my measure of self Esteem – a low score is low self esteem.


The combination of Question 1, 3, 5 and 7 = self esteem – lower score = lower self esteem

Question 2, 4, 6 are my measure of Body image – higher score = better body image.

You have to let the statistician know how to read your data file.

If you know how to do your own stats that is great!! BUT You still need to submit this assignment ASAP – so that we can get

cracking in the data!!

use this link please to create the hypothesis


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