Go19_ac_ch01_grader_1g_as – open houses 1.0


GO19_AC_CH01_GRADER_1G_AS – Open Houses 1.0


#GO19_AC_CH01_GRADER_1G_AS – Open Houses 1.0

#GO19 AC CH01 GRADER 1G AS – Open Houses 1.0

  In this project, you will create database objects to track the open  houses for the Health Professions departments at a college. You will  create a table and import data from Excel to create a second table. You  will use a database template to enter data into the Events table. You  will create a simple query, a form, and a report.

Start   Access. Open the downloaded file named Student_Access_1G_Open_Houses_AS.accdb, enable the content, and then   close the Event List multiple-items form that automatically opened. Open the   Navigation Pane.

In Datasheet view, create a new   table. Beginning in the second  column of the table and using the data type of   Short Text, create the Department Name, Contact Last Name, Contact First Name, Campus, Phone, and Department Email fields (in that order). In the eighth column,   using the Currency data type, create the Special Pay field.

Change the data type of the ID   field to Short Text, rename the ID field to Department ID.

Starting in the Department ID   field, add the following three records to the new table:


Health Information Technology




(512) 555-6185

[email protected]



Licensed Practical Nursing




(512) 555-1551

[email protected]







(512) 555-9012

[email protected]


Save the table as Departments, and then close the table.

Append the records from the   downloaded Excel file a01G_Departments.xlsx   to the Departments table.

In the Navigation Pane, organize   the objects by Tables and Related  Views. Open the Departments table (the   table has 14 records). Close  the Navigation Pane.

Switch the Departments table to   Design view. Delete the Campus field. For the Department ID field, enter a   description of Enter one to five characters for the Department ID and then change the field size   to 5. Enter a description of Payment for   each open house event   for the Special Pay field. Save the table.

Switch to Datasheet view, apply   Best Fit to all of the fields in the table, save the table, and then close   the table.

Import the records from the   downloaded Excel file a01G__Rooms.xlsx   into the database as a new table named Rooms. Designate the first row as column headings and   the Room ID field as the primary key.

Open the Navigation Pane, open   the Rooms table in Datasheet view  (the table has 10 records). Apply Best Fit   to all of the fields in the  table, save the table, and then close the table.

Based on your Departments table,   use the Query Wizard to create a  simple query. Add the Department Name,   Department Email, Phone,  Contact Last Name, and Contact First Name fields (in   that order). Keep  the default name of Departments   Query, click Finish to display the query results, and then close the   query.

Based on your Rooms table, use   the Form tool to create a form for the table. Save the form as Room Form, display the form in Form view,   and then close the form.

Based on your Departments table,   use the Report tool to create a  report. Delete the Contact Last Name, Contact   First Name, and Special  Pay fields from the report. Save the report as Departments   Report.

Sort the Department Name field   in ascending order. Set the width of the Phone and Department Email fields to   1.75 inches. Delete the page number   from the report, save the report, and then close the report.

Open the Event List form, and   then close the Navigation Pane. In  the Event List multiple-items form, enter   the following record (the  Start Time   and End Time data will reformat automatically):

  Title: LPN   Open House   Start Time: 1/16/22 11a End Time: 1/16/22 12p Description: Program   Overview   Location: MW112

In the Event List form, click   New Event, and in the Event Details  single-record form, enter the following   record (the Start Time and End  Time data will reformat automatically):

  Title:  HIT Open House Start Time: 1/16/22 2p
   End Time: 1/16/22 3p Description: Scholarship Applications Location: MN110

Close the Event Details   single-record form. Close all database  objects, open the Navigation Pane, and   then exit Access. Submit the  database as directed.

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