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Kim Spurlin: select a computer and create 2 slides that describe its attributes, including references and post in the small group area by 05/3/14 midnight. **This portion is critical to getting the rest of the project completed**


In collaboration with your team, develop a PowerPoint presentation of 6-8 slides that explains how a specific small, powerful, portable computer that you can find available for purchase on the Internet can be fully leveraged by a corporate Sales and Marketing Team in pursuit of its business objectives.

In your presentation, address the following:

• What specific computer, by manufacturer and model, did you select for this assignment?

• What are some of the specific functionalities this computer offers to users?

• What are some of the logical objectives of a typical Corporate Sales and Marketing team?

How can some of the specific functionalities provided by the computer you selected help a Corporate Sales and Marketing team achieve its objectives?

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