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Sport Law Comprehensive Exam Question (670)

Jim Smith was a baseball coach for XYZ High School, publically funded school. Smith was a lassaiz-faire type coach, who would allow his players to practice how and when they wanted, played whenever the captains said they could, and generally had little to do with the starting lineup or running of the team itself. Smith was, in his words, an ‘overworked history teacher’ that looked out for the students’ best interests.

The captain for XYZ, Eddie Blane, had come up through the ranks as a prominent pitcher. Blane’s family owns a camping resort in which the team heads to as a travelling Summer Baseball team. XYZ does help pay for the players’ equipment needs, and the travelling team consists of only XYZ varsity players.

Blane, along with other senior members of the team, all underwent Hell Night, an event where Senior members of the baseball team put freshman through initiation ceremonies for bonding purposes. Blane, not to be outdone by last year’s senior class, decides a night of mud wrestling, sodomy, and videos, stored on the Blane Family server, are in order. One freshman, Kyle Sams, attempted to walk away from the Blane campground before Hell Night began. The seniors, in a fit of outrage, put Sams through the sodomy, taking embarrassing videos of him after pumping him full of tequila, and saran wrapped him naked to a tree for the remainder of the night. The Coroner, the following day, placed Sams’ time of death at 3 pm simply bleeding out.

  • What parties should be named in the lawsuit as plaintiffs and defense?
  • What charges should each of the plaintiffs pursue in criminal court, if any?
  • What charges should each of the plaintiffs pursue in civil court, if any?
  • Describe the expected punishments and/or rewards for any plaintiffs based on a proportionality of guilt test.
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