Excel analysis asiignment | Accounting homework help

1.I have uploaded the rubric please read it.

2.I have uploaded the excel anlysis instructions as well so please read them.

2.I have uploded the required data points to solve and complete the following :

Your Deliverable:

· Write up your findings in a Word Document with Executive Summary (no more than 900) that answers your boss’ questions. Use screen clippings of the analysis you did in Excel as evidence to support your conclusions (75%). 

· Also submit your Excel workbook that shows your calculations, charts, figures, tables, etc. (25%).

· At this point, you should be very comfortable with some of the analytical tools within Excel, and this is an opportunity to show that. Be sure to follow the guidelines set in the BA 325 Information Literacy Assessment Rubric (You may use any font size/style/paragraph spacing/line spacing that you are comfortable with).

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